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EnviroProjects has assembled the best environmental specialists to collaboratively resolve each project’s needs, effectively and affordably. EnviroProjects offers a diverse array of environmental services to help our clients manage the entire environmental compliance process of complex projects. For more information on the range of our services please look into the links below:



We have specialized expertise in the ecological and regulatory issues that influence how our aquatic habitats and water resources are managed and governed throughout the Chesapeake Bay and Mississippi River Watersheds. We can help you navigate important regulations like the US Clean Water Act, US Rivers and Harbors Act, Maryland’s waterway Construction & Nontidal Wetland Protection Act, and more.  Find out more about our Water Resource Services



Our land-based terrestrial resources, forests, and wildlife provide significant benefits to our quality of life.  EnviroProjects frequently works cooperatively with Federal, State, and Local authorities to guide new projects to the best outcome for the natural and man-made environments. The State of Maryland’s Forest Conservation Act enacted locally enforced codes protecting forests and directing afforestation of previously unforested lands in Maryland. Find out more about our Terrestrial Resource Services



We are fully versed in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA/MEPA) requirements of the USDA Rural Development (RD) grants, State and Federal Transportation Departments (e.g., USDOT, MDOT, DelDOT, VDOT, and the FAA); Agencies of the US Department of the Interior (USDOI), such as the National Park Service (NPS). Find out more about our NEPA Compliance Services



Every project, everywhere, occurs within the human environment.  EnviroProjects team of expert archaeologists, historians, historian architects, and cultural resources planners are key to our success. Find out more about our Historical and Cultural Services



We have the experience and partnerships to address the diverse and technical requirements of property assessment, risk management, due diligence and remediation/abatement. Whether your needs call for “innocent landowner” protection, HUD financing, contamination testing, or remediation EnviroProjects has the skills and personnel to satisfy your needs and resolve any challenges. Find out more about our Due Diligence and Contamination Assessments



We offer comprehensive knowledge of Local, State and Federal regulatory processes affords us the strategic advantage to pro-actively manage the entire environmental permit compliance process. With in-depth expert knowledge of the federal Clean Water Act Permit process and how it is administered, by the US Army Corps of Engineers various and differing regional Districts, we can  anticipate permit challenges and resolve problems before they develop. Our knowledge of the various State water resource programs of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia and how they administer tidal and nontidal wetlands, and subaqueous lands, and streams differently from overlapping federal authorities enable faster, more cost-effective project completion. Find our more about our Regulatory Permitting and Mitigation Services


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