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Our Clients Recognize the Quality of our Projects…

“Hazen & Sawyer teams with EnviroProjects, LLC on projects throughout the Maryland, Delaware and Northern Virginia. EnviroProjects knowledge of Local, State and Federal environmental regulations and proven successes obtaining permits quickly and cost effectively significantly contribute to the success of our projects and our Clients.”

Joseph Sowinski, P.E.

Hazen & Sawyer PC, Baltimore, MD

“EnviroProjects contributions are critical to The HUB’s success.  EnviroProjects permitting strategy reframed The HUB as a transportation priority and enabled successful achievement of major milestones in the fastest most cost-effective manner possible.” Bill Murray

Rosewick-Hawthorne Partnership, LLP

EnviroProjects continues to be an integral member of our environmental design, permitting and construction inspection team.

Rick Barnas, P.E.

Vice President of Land Development, LENNAR

“I have worked with Aaron Keel of EnviroProjects for more than ten years with outstanding results.  EnviroProjects has a depth of knowledge and a skill set that includes knowing how and when to move a project forward through the environmental compliance regulatory maze.  Aaron Keel and EnviroProjects are my ‘Go To Experts’.”

Robert Eitel, P.E., D.F.E., M.NSPE, M.ASCE, S.NAFE

Board Certified Diplomate in Forensic Engineering, Landesign, Inc.

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