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Water Resources Services

EnviroProjects has specialized expertise in the ecological and regulatory issues that influence how our aquatic habitats and water resources are managed and governed throughout the Chesapeake Bay and Ohio River Watersheds.

We can help you navigate important regulations like the US Clean Water Act, US Rivers and Harbors Act, Maryland’s Waterway Construction & Nontidal Wetland Protection Act, and more…

All projects affecting water resources and our Waters of the United Status (WOUS) comply with a diverse array of regulatory programs.  Examples of some important regulations are the US Clean Water Act, US Rivers and Harbors Act, US Farmland Security Act, Maryland’s Waterway Construction and Nontidal Wetland Protection Act; Virginia’s Subaqueous Lands Act, Delaware Wetlands and Subaqueous Lands, etc.

EnviroProjects conducts the necessary studies to address prior converted cropland, macroinvertebrates, stream restoration and stream mitigation, wetland and Waters of the US delineation, floodplains, and aquatic habitats assessments. 

Our aquatic restoration projects address stream stability and channel integrity.  We specialize in the permitting and design of Coastal Plain Outfalls and Regenerative Surfacewater Conveyance (RSC) stream restoration. 

Tidal & Nontidal Wetland Identification and Delineation

Stream Morphological Assessment

State and Federal Clean Water Act Permits

Section 10 Rivers & Harbors Act Permits

Wetland and Stream Compensatory Mitigation

State and Local Buffer Management

Subaqueous Lands State Compliance

Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Compliance

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting

Water Quality Assessment & Monitoring

Innovative Stormwater Management Planning


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